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AMF Installation Guide

For download the Apache Mobile Filter suite follow this steps:

mkdir foo
cd foo
tar -xzvf Apache2-WURFLFilter-X.XX.tar.gz
cd Apache2-WURFLFilter-X.XX/
perl Makefile.PL
make install
aptitude install libapache2-mod-perl2 libgd-gd2-perl libgd-tools
a2enmod perl
cpan Apache2::AMFWURFLFilter Apache2::Filter Apache2::RequestRec Apache2::RequestUtil Apache2::Connection Apache2::SubRequest Apache2::Log CGI::Cookie APR::Table CGI::Cookie LWP::Simple Imager Image::Resize Image::Scale IO::Uncompress::Unzip Cache::FileBackend Cache::Memcached

Note: replace X.XX with the last version (for ex. 3.01)

Configure the modules of AMF Suite

For quick configuration it's possible to use the AMF Configuration Tool.

For more informations about the single module of the suite:

Device Detection AMFWurflFilter or AMFWurflFilterMemcached

Mobile Caching AMFMobileCachingMemcached

Image Rendering AMFImageRendering

Mobile Switcher AMFSwitcher

Carrier Detection AMFCarrierDetection

Web Service AMFWebService

Admin Tool (ony with filesystem based caching) AMFDeviceMonitor


Comments (4)
  • Omegha  - Can I Install on Shared Hosting With Cpanel?
    Hello admin, im just mobile web fan for long time, but for AMF im just heard. one question, can shared hosting user use this? ofcourse with CPanel and Apache server?? plizz reply
  • Idel
    Hi Omega,
    the cpanel support the installation of CPAN modules, but I don't know if the cpanel can change the httpd.conf on the fly.
  • Prashanth Basavaraju

    I am trying to do a project using AMF, i am having a small doubt whether AMF can be installed on windows platform.

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