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Apache Mobile Filter 3.x

by Idel Fuschini



The documentation is moved to the wiki of Apache Mobile Filter:




This document has the goal to describe my project "Apache Mobile Filter", his architecture, and how to install and configure his modules (AMFWURFLFilter, AMFMobileCaching, AMFImageRendering, AMFSwitcher, AMFWebServiceAMFCarrierDetection,AMFTrace, AMFDeviceMonitor).

In this link the case studies of AMF

You can download here: Logo



The "Apache Mobile Filter" is one of the modules of "Apache Module Registry" portal (


Platform Matrix

Follow this URL:

for the old version look here:



For business support send an email support [at] or click here

Submit a ticket in to the Apache Mobile Filter-Support Ticket System (, for business support is guaranteed a  response into 12 hours (depend where you are).

Apache Mobile Filter NewsLetter:


Try the Apache Mobile Filter on your phone

Try the filter on your phone or on PC Browser:



The goal of this project

The world of mobile devices is very chaotic. Any device got differents features, for example the screen size, the memory and other different capabilities. This features increase every year. This chaos has a name "Device Fragmentation":



The goal of this project is to give the information about the capabilities of a device to any web application.


Many Thanks to....

Adriano F., Ivan M. (alias Sigmund80), nobbynobby, Eladio, Sergio, Alison, Amit, Richard W., Ivancho, Silvan someone of Siemens, Emiliano M., Stefano L. that have contributed on my project.

Comments (20)
  • Idel  - Give me your opinion
    For anybody has installed the Apache Mobile Filter, please leave here a comment
  • r4 ds  - apache
    apache & mysql to do this is very good.i think
  • Luz-Andrea Pfister  - How to implement Apache Mobile Filter
    Dear Idel,

    First of all Happy New Year to you!

    I am primarily a scientist confronted now with the need of developing websites. I am trying to say that I am an absolute beginner, and therefore not who you intend as your audience. Nontheless, I hope you will still consider my question. I have tried your test pages and they accurately identify my device.

    If I have understood correctly, your Apache filter could be used to identify what type of device is visiting a website to then adjust the display to the proper screen size. If correct, I would love to learn how to implement it instead of having to redirect the visitors to another website designed for mobile devices. I would not mind to do so if all mobile devices were identical, but as you discribe it it is a world of device fragmentation.

    I access the web myself much more frequently through my cell phone than through a desktop computer, and I am sure that the much more younger crouwd that these websites
    are intended for...
  • Lucha Pfister  - Great Help!
    Thanks Idel for your great advise. Luca's site is exactly what I needed to start in this venture.
  • Jan Tönjes  - Thanks for the great work and support!
    Thanks for the great work you have done with Apache Mobile Filter. As well the emailsupport I recieved was excellent! Very fast response time, very usefull and very friendly! Keep on with this great work! :-)
  • vjr  - Dynamic images
    Hi, above all thanks for the great work.
    I trying use this framework with images but images that I used are generated dynamicly, that is for example:


    Is it posible? How?


    PD: Sorry for my english
  • Idel  - New feature
    In this moment this feature is not be done.
    But I think it's not so hard to develope it.
    If you need for business project, send me an email and we can discuss on it.
  • vjr  - Thanks !!!
    Thanks for your reply.

    It isn't for business, this is for my personal site. I like earn new framework to use.


  • vjr  - on windows?
    Other question, it's available on windows?

    Thanks for all
  • Idel  - on windows
    I don't think, it's not a problem of my code but for the library then I have used.
  • ramesh  - Device Detection UI
    HI ,
    I want to know how the devices added to the database. is there any user interface which communicates the latest devices to the database ?
    Please let me know the interface and how it was designed (technologies which have used ?)

    Thank you
  • Idel  - Device Detection UI
    Hi ramesh,
    the Apache Mobile Filter project not has the goal to manage the device repository. In this moment use the WURFL but if some one want to use another Device Repository he can change the module "WURFLFilter" with another XXXXFilter.

    So to answer your question this is URL where u can found information about WURFL:

  • Salamander  - amazing
    Thanks for the info about the AMF, it really helped me now, cs I wanted to know about the interface design and some additional features.
  • Salamander  - :)
    You just gave me a great idea. Thanks for the post, it's really helpful. Anyways, apart from work, you must want to relax a bit and listen to nice music. So you can find it at any music search engine. Enjoy!
  • Nimish  - Thank you
    thanks for all the good work you are doing. This is fantastic!
  • labatterie  - buy
    So to answer your question this is URL where u can found information about WURFL:
  • labatterie
    thanks for all the good work you are doing.labatterie This is fantastic!
  • mi  - Post installation
    Hi Idel,

    Sorry if I'm asking this question without doing the proper homework first.

    I have just finished installing Apache2::AMFWURFLFilter from cpan (along with all the dependencies).

    I want to run AMF on a shared host where they don't allow to edit httpd.conf - is there any way around to all the "PerlSetEnv" variables that need to be configured in the httpd.conf?

    thanks - i really look forward to see this thing running.

  • Hi mi
    in this moment the only way is with PerSetEnv.
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